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This is a quick time lapse video of me replacing the solenoids on myi transmission valve body. If there is another seal on the outside where the torque converter seal is located I will definately replace it. The two shortest ones (black) are furthest from the linkage. Remanufactured Valve Body Part No.

Janu. Fits &39;12-later with one pressure switch. RevMax brings you the best ZF 6HP19 / 6HP26 Rebuilt, Updated Transmission Valve Body, the high quality computer dyno tested valve body.

Overheating, valve body issues and fluid loss where some of the issues at the forefront of this transmission. Well my 99 xk8 went to the transmission shop. 6HP26 6HP28 automati transmission valve body sleeve connector seal kit 6pc Please check the compatibility list to make sure it fits your vehicle. • “M” version utilizes a standard design manual valve configuration. In a 6HP26 there should be a "manual valve" that can be lined up with the linkage.

Note: the following information is based on an AUDI 6HP28 valve body that has a manual valve. Exterior Body Fuel System Interior Body. Please, have the position number and model number prepared when you call. 6hp26/28 bushing kit bmw (12 pcs) Does not contain 31 x 28 x 16,50mm rear stator bushing option "when fitting the Pilot bushing to the output shaft it appears to be too large on the OD, this is due to the output shaft having a lip on it over the end of the bush, this lip needs machining off to expose the end of the original bush before it can. black one park 1x 30 ohm 1x 11.

Spring installs into the case, followed by the thermal valve. 6HP26/28/32 is 14. BMW626 For use with and without 053 separator plate. 800 6hp28 pump body w/gears check box code 1 6hp26. Selective shim; see page 26. The TCM is not included. Front corner, between case and valve body.

More ZF SKU: ZFS. 6hp26 technical manual zf 1 6hp26. 8 out of 5 stars 22. Made a right turn into the parking lot and the check engine light came on with a transmission fault and moved like a slug. Finally each valve body is dyno tested on one of our fully computerized valve body dyno machines.

Valve Body Rebuild ZF 4HP22EH. 6, has put up the best explanation for at home mechanics/enthusiasts to check the ZF 6HP26 Transmission fluid level; which, has always been a bit lets say specific, official ZF 6HP26 fluid level checking procedure calls for filling the transmission between 40-50 degrees C, in other words no. 4: Valve body off change gasket between the two plates Zip kit instal. 1: change gaskets between valve body and gearbox 4 round pipes and 1 square gasket.

Dave Tallant, who always did a great job on my 4. The stand for checking solenoids is a reliable and convenient solution for diagnostics, but its high price makes it inaccessible to many automatic transmission repair specialists. Select all Consumables Manuals Tools. After the valve body is assembled we test the solenoids independently to verify both hydraulic and electrical functionality equal that of a brand 6hp26 valve body manual check new solenoid. Ford 6R60 thermal bypass valve. Transmission ZF 5HP24, ZF 5HP26 & ZF 6HP26 Repair. 1 BMW auto trans valve body sealing sleeve ZFBMW Auto Transmission Valve body Sealing sleeve ZFThe only thing that are missing from the complete overhaul are a) filter (which most of you will either reuse or buy a new one) and about 9 liters of automatic transmission fluid (which you. The following pages provide information on the valve body breakdown including 6hp26 valve body manual check check ball function and valve function for this family of transmissions.

It also includes a complete exploded view of the valve body and identification of all. The longest (blue) resides next to the manual linkage, medium (green) next to it. ZF 6HP26 / 6HP28 This manual covers principles of operation, complete hydraulic circuit diagrams, valve body mapping (passage identification for the valve body and all spacer plates). Install the 6 long molded leadframe-to-valve body bolts hand. ZF 6HP26 Transmission repair manuals (09E, 6R60), diagrams, guides, tips and free download PDF instructions. The results are compared against a brand new valve body and the data is then stored and. Brief description of valves; Description of solenoid valves, pressure regulator; Position of pressure unions; Threaded connections on components; Electronic module (electronic control unit) Mechatronik block circuit diagrams — Technical data – 6HP19, 6HP26, 6HP32; Language: English Format: PDF Pages: 92. 1: change gaskets between valve body and gearbox 4 round pipes and 1 square gasket.

please call our office for assistance. Find a Distributor. The valve body will not pop apart on its own, but DO NOT remove the halves of the valve body yet! The solenoids are good, the valve body is good j don&39;t feel comfortable taking apart the transmission. Mission Statement: Perform a complete valve body rebuild on a ZF 4HP22EH transmission with E9 (7 pin, 4 solenoid) valve body, in order to improve shift quality, and eliminate some anomolous behaviors of this notorious transmission.

Sorry, I had the resolution set as high as it would g. There are pins and checkballs in the lower half of the valve body that will fall out if you pull the top half off. the valve body tube seals need to be. 6HP26, 6HP26X • 6HP26A61 (not for Audi W12). ZF 6HP19 6HP26 valve body repair. BMW Mechatronic Solenoid Kit (6HP19 6HP26) - ZFi, 325xi, 330i, 330xi, 525i.

923 A C ZF 6HPxxx, ZF 6HP26Xxxx ZF6HPxxx & ZF6HP28Xxxx 6 SPEED RWD (Full Electronic Control) Revision 04/. DESCRIPTION - AUDI (CD) 6HP26 / 6HP28 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION - BMW. note:If you are not 100% sure, Please send an inquiry,including the veicle&39;s year,mode and engine size to ensure proper delivery.

It was towed to the transmission shop. Mechatronic 6hp26 valve body manual check and Valve Body are only available as complete Service-Mechatronic. Be careful when purchasing a rebuilt ZF 6HP26, our XP1 series is completely remanufactured from the ground up utilizing upgraded parts that address each individual failure point of the 6HP26. 1 Main control lower valve body 2 Manual valve 3 TR sensor 9. FLIP OVER the valve body so that it is upside down compared to how it sits in the transmission. Position the main control lower valve body on the 2 molded leadframe alignment studs, align the manual valve with the Transmission Range (TR) sensor on the molded leadframe and install the main control lower valve body. D 1 Valve Body Plate (Beaded - 6 Damper Holes).

6hp26 sub kit valve body parts 1 6hp26. We remove the electronic board with the selector position sensor,. this product is currently out of stock. 49740dc - 6hp26 used valve body.

Diagnostic Tools - Transmission Tools - Valve Body. Fluid capacity and type, valve body and solenoids charts. KOAUTO zf 6hp26 Valve Body Seals Plus Adapter Seal Block and Mechatronic Plug 3. It won&39;t matter what the selector was left on as long as that valve is lined up. There is an internal problem I will just replace the entire transmission. Mechatronic to case rubber tube seals. 6HPxxx, 1068010xxx 6HPxxx, 1068010xxx.

Case connector, solenoid harness, speed sensor and manual valve are not included. Laura E Zingheim on J:. BMW ZF 6HP26 Valve Body (Lifetime Warranty, A052/B052 Plate Code. Valve Body Solenoids Oil Pan and Filter Manual Linkage E-Module Case Connector. Contact ZF for the most updated part number (for example: 6HPXXX). Checked the code and found P1722.

2: I change oil all off it, new filter Reset the adaptation value 3: drove it nothing change. cleaned everything test solenoid 4x 11. Presented for the sale Technicians Diagnostic Guide ZF 4HP-18 FLE & FLA is a diagnostic software for vehicles, which contains full information on repair and maintenance of vehicles, as well as detailed technical information on solenoid resistance check, the application of electromagnetic clutches, the breakdown of the valve body, the retainer and verifying the location details, location.

6hp26 valve body manual check

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